Timesahre Resorts LCC 

I have lived in Hawaii for 40 years, and since 2002, I have acquired a real estate salesman's license from the State of Hawaii from the early days of selling timeshare resorts to the Japanese market, and selling timeshare program introductions to Japanese customers. We started as


 Initially engaged in sales and management of Marriott Ko Olina Resort weekly properties and later new point properties at the Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club on Oahu, then Hilton Grand Vacations Club. I was engaged in sales and management of Hilton Grand Vacation Club properties in Waikiki and Waikoloa Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii.


So far, I myself have introduced timeshare properties to more than 700 owners, and have helped some owners with resale, registration, addition of names, and change of names. rice field. Based on the experience so far, we have established a new corporation this time.

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